Magic,Soccery and Witch Craft-

  • They believe in the local beliefs of soothsaying, witch crafts and evil spirits. They are terribly vexed with witch craft, to which their precariousm wandering existance, especially exposes them in shape of fever, rhematism and dysentry.

  • The business of witch craft was in the hands of two classes of Bhagat or magicians, one good and one bad, he may correspond to the European practitioners of black and white magic. The good Bhagat is called Nimbu katna, a lemon speared on a knife point being a powerful averter at evil spirits. A women might after be called a Dankun or a witch and once this word has been used the husband or the nearest male relative, would be often bullied into consulting Janta i.e. a wise or cunning man. The punishment for being proclaimed a witch or Dankun was formerly death to the women and fine to be paid by the relatives to the bewitched persons family. The womens husband or her sons would be directed to kill her and if they refused other men would be deputed to murder her and bury the body at once with the clothing and ornaments then on her person while further fine would be extracted from the family for not doing away with her themselves.

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