• MAEER'S M. I. T., Pune - The monumental work of the most famous and well reputed educational Institution like “MAHARASHTRA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY”, Pune is an outcome of his vision and untiring efforts which he has put in during the last two decades.  
  •  "Work Of  M.I. T. Is Said To Be A Poem In Action"  -  M. I. T. is a brain child of  Dr. Karad which stands out as a shining example of what an individual can do with the will do conquer.  

  • MAEER’S MIT PUNE JOURNAL is published with a view to encourage Indian Scholars and thinkers to contribute original treatises or articles of topical interest and to patronise and held the research minded community, especially the talented and young budding scientists to actualise their creativity. It will prompt our academics, scholars, teachers, heads of technical institutions, universities and post - graduate teaching and research schools to contribute original articles, notes and even news and reviews for publication.  
  • His deep involvement in world religions - interfaith as the pioneer to create a beautiful surrounding and a healthy environment with a view to enhancing the spiritual values of SANT DNYANESHWAR at his SANJEEVAN  SAMADHI located in ALANDI near PUNE, is an example of the challenge he has taken with a missionary zeal and it is only the question of time for him to accomplish this task successfully with the blessings from the Almighty.  
Dr. Karad is more known as a devoted teacher and has worked as a guide at the Graduate and for Master’s Degree in Engineering. A number of Research Projects were completed under his guidance.  

The following are the few of the engineering projects in addition to his contributions in the field of education, social sciences, humanities, peace studies, peace promotion, social, cultural and ethical programmes organised /conducted by him. :

  1. Study of Pre-Ignition Phenomenon in Internal Combustion Engine.  

  2. Study of  Duel Fuel Engine and its performance.

  3. “Noise-Control” and study of “Silencers”.

  4. Utilisation of Exhaust Gas Energy for Cooling of Diesel Engine by using Ejector             Principle.

  5. Use of  “93 Octane Fuel”.

  6. Use of LPG as Fuel for the I. C. Engine.

  7. Study of Air Pollution and its Control.

  • For the last 25 years, Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad is continuously engaged in the promotion of educational activities, social and cultural work, culture of peace programmes, environmental and pollution control projects etc.
  • Dr. Karad firmly believes that the PEACE would be established in this world through the valued based “Universal Education System” and hence to start with, he organised two National Debates on “Indian Education System - Need for Change” one at Pune during 18th to 19th April, 1993 and the another at Bangalore during 21st to 22nd November, 1993.

  • Dr. Karad was the President of the Reception Committee of the “69th Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan” which was held at Alandi during 1st to 4th February, 1996 to commemorate the 700th Anniversary of  Sanjeevan  Samadhi of  Great  Philosopher and Literature of Maharashtra Saint Shree DNYANESHWARA.  Smt.Lata Mangeshkar - the Melody Queen of India inaugurated the historic sammelan and the great Marathi Poetess Smt. Shantabai Shelke presided over the sammelan.

  • Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad organised two “World  Philosophers  Meet”, with the help and support of the concerned organisations, the first “World  Philosophers Meet’96 - A  Parliament  of  Science,  Religion  and  Philosophy” was held on the beautiful campus of MAEER’s MIT, Pune  from 24th to 30th November, 1996.  The Second  “World  Philosophers  Meet 98 - Second  Parliament  of  Science,  Religion and  Philosophy” was held at Geneva from 18th to 21st August, 1998 with the sponsorship of UNESCO, Paris and Co-sponsorship of Indian National Commission for Co-operation with UNESCO, Government of India and Swiss National Commission for UNESCO. Dr. Karad was the Chairman for both the Meets of the Organising Committee.

  • The fruitful outcome of the first “World  Philosophers  Meet’ 96 - A  Parliament  of Science,  Religion   and   Philosophy was the establishment of  Saint  Shree  Dnyaneshwara  and  Saint  Shree  Tukaram  Endowment  Lecture  Series  Trust,  Pune.  Dr. Karad is the Executive President of the Trust.  Special Lecture Series were organised in the month of November, 1996 and 1997.

  • One of the important recommendations and outcome of the “World Philosophers Meet’96 - A Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy” was to establish a World Peace University / Center at Alandi near Pune.  The Foundation Stone of the Center was laid on 1st December, 1996 at the hands of Mrs. Francine Fournier, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO, Paris, Mr. Claes Nobel, His Holiness Dnyaneshwar Mauli Uttareshwar Pimpri, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan and others.

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