Success Story Two-


Shri Yadavraj. M .Phad

(Date of birth ): 15/5/1963

Flat no: 22 , building no -B-4
GuruGaneshnagar ,Kothrud Pune-38
Tel: 5387578.

          Resident of a village namely Warawati, Taluka Ambejogai Beed District ,in Maharashtra, Shri Phadcame to Pune in 1982 at avery young age of18 years with the determination to learn and master the classical Hindustani vocal music ,and became a singer of Maihfils.

          Fortunately for him ,he met the late Pandit Sadashivbua Jadhav of the Kirana Gharana who had recieved his training in the Classical vocal music from the late Mrs.Bhanubai ,wife of Kirana Gharana Maestro, Khansaheb Abdul Karimkhan Saheb and who herself has a renowed classical singer of the Kirana Gharana .Pt Sadashivbua Jadhav acepted Shri Phad as his disciple who with devotion and total dedication grasped the teaching of the guru for over eight years and then acquired profiency in the Gyaaki which is explicit in abundance in the singing of shri .Phad

             His presentation of the various Raags is melodeous and at the same time is with forceful Aalaapees .The Teams in this singing are coupled with Gamaks ,all these specialities of the kirana gyaki After the demise of his first guru Pt Sadashivbua Jadhav,shri. Chad, has been continuing his learning under the world-renowened and unparalleled vocalist of the Kirana Gharana, Pandit Bhimsenji Joshi for the passover 5/6 years, and is today one of the very few whose Gaayaki, Widely has im impact of the Maestro's style of singing.

           Besides Khayal & Thumris, Shri. Phad has composed several devotional songs and bas been presenting public programmes tlnereof, throughout Maharashtra. He has performed many a classical vocal music programmes within and outside Maharashtra and is regarded as one of the few leading young exponents of the Kirana Style.

        He is founder Director of the "Sangeetonmesh",an institution ,which besides imparting training in vocal classical singing, also presents awards to the child, young and the aged artists but who were not fortunate to receive attention and recognition in their haytime.
Several of the child and young artists thus selected for awards by the ''Sangeetlmmesh'' are today, amongst the leading artists in the State and the co
untry.Shri. Phad is a High grade Artist of the All India Radio, Sangeet Alankar of the 1st Grade and has been recipient of Ist/2nd Awards in several competitions at the State level.

Some of the noteworthy achievements are as follows :
1) P resented a programme before the then P resident of india, Dr. Shankar Dayal dharma, ten 7th Dec. 1995.
2) Participated in the Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsava, Kundgol (Karnataka) and Pune.
3) At the N.C.P .A. Bombay
4) At the Seventh Centenary celebration of the ''Dynyaneshwari'', Paithan
5) At the birth centenary celebration of the great Saint BhagwanBaba at Bhagwangad and at Aurangabad
6) At Marathwada Sahgeet Academy celebration, Latur
7) At the death anniversary Music-concerts of the late Ustad Abdul Karimkhan Saheb, Miraj
8) Discourses with practicals on the ''Music and Adhyatma'' at the Maharashtra goat's Yashwantrat) Clnavim Institute of Development, P une
9) Award of the ''Sur-mani'' title by the Sur-singaar Bombay
10) Selecting for Scholarship by the Human Resources Development Ministry of the Central Govt. at the national level competition.
11) Presented several prllgraxmrtes at the Aakashwani and Doordarshan.
12) Accompanied Pandit Bhimsen Josshi at the Aakashwani National programme and severel other concerts.
13) Haridas Sangit Sammelan , Mumbai.
14) Sursagar Sangit Mahotsav, Pune.
15) Sangit Natak Acadamy, Delhi , Bruhatdeshiya Sangit Sammelan.


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